Unexpected sex with a gorgeous colleague – Part 1

Hello, my lovely readers! My name is Ram Gaikwad, and I am currently residing in Hyderabad and working for a reputable company. I am 27 and my height is 5’10, and I have a fair complexion and a good appearance. sex stories

This story started back in 2019 when I was newly hired at my ex-company and our teammates planned a weekend tour to Puducherry (Pondicherry), one of the best places in India. One of my colleagues and teammates, the heroine of the story, Lavanya (name changed), asked me to join the tour.

From day one, she had become interested in me. On our office breaks, we usually hang out at the cafeteria and talk about various topics. Sometimes, I caught my colleague looking at me from the corner of her eyes. She was one of the most attractive ladies in my batch, with a body measurement of 33-36-32 and a milky skin tone. Almost all my teammates tried to catch her attention but failed; fortunately, she got into me.

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The day of our journey had arrived. The entire team of five boys and four girls packed their bags and boarded the train from Secunderabad railway station. Luckily, I got the side lower and Lavanya got the side upper. But we both settled down into a lower berth that gave me space and time to interact with her.

I knew she had feelings for me, but she never confessed, leaving me with confusion. In fact, I had a strong sexual desire for my beautiful colleague and had made plans in the back of my mind to fuck her on this trip at any cost. Therefore, I was trying my best to impress and grab every opportunity that she threw at me. She was looking at me and smiling, as was I.

After an hour, it was 11 pm, so everyone retired to their berths and went to sleep. It was around 2:30 am and everybody in the compartment was in deep sleep. While I was sleeping, I felt a soft hand go into my pants and touch my dick! I suddenly woke up and was surprised to see my colleague Lavanya, and she immediately locked my lips with hers. For a brief moment, I was stunned, unsure whether what I was seeing was real or a dream.

When I came to my senses, I too started reciprocating her kiss. Since it was dark, nobody could see us, but I suggested her to go into the washroom, and she followed me.

The moment we entered the washroom, we forgot the world and smooched each other like anything – my mood reached its peak while her soft pink lips licked and sucked on my lips like there was no tomorrow.

I put my hand into her shirt and pressed her boobs over the bra. She began moaning, “Ummahhaa” and “aaahhaa,” which made me go harder on her boobies. I was no longer controlling myself, so I took off her shirt. I could see big boobs waiting to come out of her black bra.

I took off her bra. Her perfect-sized boobs with pink nipples (rare in Indian girls) astounded me. Without wasting a second, I started sucking her right boob and pressing the left boob. I could see she was on cloud nine and unable to control her moans. I was afraid that someone could hear us, so I closed her mouth with my hand and continued sucking and eating her boobies one by one.

After some time, I put my hand into her night pants, and I could feel the wetness down there, filled with my colleague’s cum. She smiled at me and started kissing me again. While smooching, I took her pants and started rubbing on her clitoris, to which she responded and gave me expressions that I could never forget in my life.

I put my finger into the heaven hole (her clean, shaved pussy) and started fingering her while kissing her smooth lips. Lavanya had reached the point where she couldn’t control herself, so she stopped fingering me and stood on her knees, removing my pants and underwear all at once.

My six-inch-dick self saluted her, and she smiled wickedly at me. At first, she took my dick into her hands and started slowly pulling my skin in and out, and then the precum oozed out. She slightly licked that precum with her tongue, which passed the current in my spine. And then she took the pink part of my dick into her mouth and started licking with her tongue inside her mouth. Oh my god, that feeling can’t be described in words, one should feel it. She was giving a perfect blowjob as a pro. After a while, she took the entire dick into her mouth and began giving me an awesome blowjob while looking me in the eyes.

Her lustful eyes could tell me how desirable a woman she is. She was taking it deeper into her throat and gagging sometimes. Occasionally, she was licking my balls. I was in no control, so I kept my dick deeper into her mouth and started mouth-fucking. The best part is that she was holding my butt and pushing me to go deeper into her mouth.

After mouth-fucking my gorgeous colleague for 5 minutes, I was feeling the sensations in my dick. I knew I was going to cum anytime. I asked her, “Where should I cum?” and she happily replied, “I would love to taste your cum; give it to me in my mouth.”

I released all my semen into her mouth, which she drank happily without leaving out a single drop of cum. After that, we dressed up and stepped out of the washroom without being caught by anyone. And we both went to our respective berths. I immediately received a message from her on WhatsApp.

Lavanya: How is it, darling?

Me: One of the best moments of my life.

Lavanya: This is just a trailer, my boy! The actual picture is yet to come. ready for the real picture in 10 minutes.

Her words got me a boner in no time. Again, we went to the washroom and this time, we became wilder and harder. We started smooching each other and I took off her pants, turned her around and penetrated my dick into her tight pussy with a great effort. She gave a big moan.

I started fucking my colleague, holding her mouth with my hand since her moans became louder so anybody can catch us. I fucked her in that position for 5 minutes before turning her onto my side, raising one leg, and ramming her pussy at a faster pace. This time, I closed her mouth by kissing her lips and we exchanged saliva through the intense kissing. The heat that lust creates in our bodies makes us go wilder and harder.

“Don’t stop, babe, I am cumming,” she said, looking into my eyes. I continued fucking my sexy co-worker girl till she splashed out her cum on my dick, a sign of satisfaction on her face. I was also about to cum. So I took my dick out and made her sit on her knees, releasing all my semen on her face and mouth. She drank all of it and gave me a happy smile.

We were both exhausted after this session and cleaned ourselves up in the washroom, dressed up, and silently went to our berths.

Me: It was a really awesome experience with you, but still, I was feeling like I was in a dream.

Lavanya: I too had a great experience with you. By the way, we can do more exploring on our trip. Make my bae ready for the next session…

This made me excited and we chatted for a while, and then we both went to sleep on our respective berths. It was truly lucky to have sex with a beautiful girl and that too, on a train journey.

We made big plans in our tour to explore more things in sex and our fantasies. I will be sharing those in my upcoming hot sex stories.


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